Cairo Three A for Import & Export

Legal Information

Subsidiary name:
Cairo Three A Import & Export S.A.E.

Year of establishment:


Country of residence:

Cairo - Egypt
Legal form:

Presently incorporated as “Limited Partnership with Shares” under the Egyptian companies’ Law No. 159 of 1981

Import & Export Photo

- Grains, poultry and animal nutrition products (yellow corn, soybean and meal, wheat and wheat bran meal, dry fat, fish meal and bone meal) are imported from Argentina, The United States, Brazil, Ukraine and Russia.

- The company imports several different types of grains, which account for approximately 45% of Egypt’s market.

- In addition to covering Egypt’s market, the company covers some Mediterranean countries as well.

- CAIRO THREE A entered the Markets of Lebanon in 1998 , today CAIRO THREE A supplies approximately 75% of these markets . Also exports to the Markets of the Saudi Arabia.



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